Remote festival: Regional Virtual Festival

If you thought this was just another festival which has temporarily become virtual, you were wrong. The first Remote festival is virtual, but it will also stay in the virtual world.

The first edition of Remote festival to be held on 20th and 21st February will be marked by performance s of eight electronic bands of recognisable sound led by Elemental, Nipplepeople, ABOP and Chui. Unlike many other festivals that have temporarily become virtual events, it is the organiser’s idea and plan to keep this festival in the virtual world. The aim is to create a platform for live performances in the digital reality which is a part of our lives now. The video production will be of excellent quality.

Nipplepeople, Chui, ABOP and MI VIDA are about to perform on the first day of the festival while Elemental will perform on the second day, joined by Mašinko, Mixed Up Mary and ELEVEN.

The festival will be available to the audience on the platform. No additional VR technology will be needed to view it but only during the festival.

The tickets will be available only via Entrio web page. One –day tickets are priced at 50 kuna and two-day tickets at 60 kuna.

Published: 11.02.2021