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Zagreb Tourist Board - A New Website

To simplify the users’ access to information, the Zagreb Tourist Board has employed state-of-the-art technology and created a new website, featuring new, useful and interesting contents aimed at young visitors whose number has been growing steadily.

The Zagreb Tourist Board’s website offers information on what to see, where to go, where to have fun or eat the best food, as well as interesting Zagreb-related pieces of trivia that you will not find in any tourist guide. The site has recently been revamped utilizing the newest development technologies, and it now features an array of novelties. It also offers entertainment and the opportunity to take a virtual stroll through the animated streets of Zagreb using the unique Zagreb Walk option. You can also find an abundance of useful information about various other things of interest which will make you want to visit Zagreb, explore it and get to know the city from a different perspective before returning home charged with positive emotions. 

The new website is available in six languages –Croatian, English, Italian, German, French and Spanish. Special attention has been paid to the design of the access to multimedia web contents via smart technology, making sure to meet all of the users’ requirements. The creation of the other nine micro-pages, in all the other languages formerly available at the old website, is currently underway. Apart from developing the website, an exceptional effort has been made to offer interesting content, including aerial video-clips of Zagreb which show the city from a different and unusual perspective and provide the website with a dynamic look.

The new site also includes a new, interactive sub-page,, which features contributions by local bloggers whose stories offer insider knowledge about the city, including the habits of the locals and the way young people live. There is also advice as to where to go for a live jazz performance, have a good cup of coffee, the directions to Medvedgrad or Novi Zagreb, and where one can have great homemade beer... For the time being, the site’s contents are only available in English with the possibility to publish personal photos and comment or share the contents on social networks.

Therefore, make sure to visit the website; it will certainly motivate you to visit and get to know Zagreb. You might fall in love with it at first sight, or even experience true love, because Zagreb is a city of a million hearts.


Published: 31.03.2015