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The Zagreb Time Machine

Between late April and early October, life on the streets of Zagreb will gain momentum with various events taking place as part of the traditional project the Zagreb Time Machine – a re-enactment of the city’s diverse past and customs.

This year there will once again be dancing and singing on the streets of the Croatian capital, because the Zagreb Time Machine is scheduled to begin on April 18th. The traditional event, organized by the Zagreb Tourist Board, comprises an array of happenings inspired by Zagreb’s diverse past and customs which take place in the city centre.

Until early October there will be entertainment at Kaptol, Dolac, Tkalčićeva Street and Ban Josip Jelačić Square every weekend morning comprising folk singing and dancing to convey the customs of Zagreb and its surroundings. The performers will give away traditional treats and fruit to tourists. One of the events will be a meet-and-greet with the kumice of Dolac, which will take place every Friday and Saturday. The traditionally clad female market vendors will offer locally grown produce, just like they once used to.

Fans of waltzes, evergreens and serenades will enjoy Saturday mornings at Zrinjevac Park where promenade concerts will be featured, while Friday nights are reserved for dance evenings. On weekend mornings, passers-by will have the opportunity to enjoy the sounds of old city love songs performed by street musicians in the Upper Town, while in the afternoons they will have the opportunity to stroll the streets and squares accompanied by costumed characters from Zagreb’s past. It will be lively on Tkalčićeva Street, where acknowledged as well as aspiring young musicians will perform on every corner.

This, of course, does not conclude the story of the Zagreb Time Machine. There will also be concerts at Maksimir Park, as well as many other events. It is up to you to choose which ones to attend. Come join Zagreb’s citizens and numerous tourists in the fun which will take place on Zagreb’s streets throughout most of the year. 


Published: 31.03.2015