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The International Zagreb Harp Festival

The 3rd International Zagreb Harp Festival will be marked by performances by international artists between April 26th and 30th in several concert halls and churches.

Several concert halls and churches will be the venues for the 3rd International Zagreb Harp Festival between April 26th and 30th when globally renowned artists will join Croatian top harp players. The grand opening act, the Evening of Croatian Harpists and their Guests, will take place in the concert hall of the Mimara Museum. Concerts will also be held in the halls of the Music Academy, National and University Library, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Tuškanac cinema and the Evangelical Church Community Hall.

The idea behind establishing the Zagreb Harp Festival was to give artists an opportunity to network and cooperate, as well as to share their knowledge and experiences with young and upcoming colleagues. With that goal in mind, the festival offers lectures for professional musicians, workshops mentored by globally renowned pedagogues, and the opening of the festival will be preceded by an international competition for young harpists.

The organizer of the International Zagreb Harp Festival is the Arts Organization Hathor.

To learn more about the festival programme and find information about the performers go to


Published: 31.03.2015