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The House of Croatian Design

The Croatian Design Superstore, a newly opened, centrally located multi-functional design centre, serves as a gallery and store selling top class products by more than 150 Croatian designers, including many recipients of global design awards.

The Croatian Design Superstore, a multi-functional design centre, has recently opened its doors in the heart of the city, on Martićeva Street. Spreading across 300 square metres and serving as a showroom for the best of Croatian design, it has been conceived as a place for various activities aimed at the promotion and market valorisation of products by Croatian designers.

The centre’s backbone is a representative exhibition area showcasing a wide pallet of exquisitely designed products, which have been selected based on the highest design criteria. Among them are unique, artisan-made or industry produced items by more than 150 authors, including many recipients of global design awards.

Apart from permanent sales exhibitions, the centre will also offer various educational, creative and promotional activities related to the development of new products and souvenirs, including their fabrication by utilising old-fashioned techniques. The people involved in this are artisans and manufacturers of various profiles in the manufacturing process. It will also feature promotional tours of other cities around Croatia as well as abroad.

With the opening of the Croatian Design Superstore, a multi-functional design centre, fans of design now have the opportunity to view top class products by Croatian designers in one place. The centre is expected to attract numerous tourists looking for inspiration in their search for that perfect souvenir to take home from their travels in Croatia.


Published: 31.03.2015