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Gospoja - A Knights’ Restaurant

A visit to the first Croatian knights’ restaurant, Gospoja, located on Ilica Street, will take you back to the 18th century. Try dishes made according to old recipes and food eaten in a way customary during court dinners.

If you want to taste food made according to old recipes and go back to the time of courts and court entertainment, make sure to visit the first Croatian knights’ restaurant, Gospoja, located on Ilica Street. Restaurant guests can expect an 18th century ambiance, complete with torches and candles as the only sources of light, while the piping hot food is served in large flaming oval serving platters. At the entrance, guests are provided with aprons which must be worn at the table, but there is no cutlery – as it did not exist at that time. Instead, guests eat with their fingers, with a large sabre as the only tool at their disposal.

A prior reservation for groups between four and twenty is mandatory if you wish to dine in this reservation-only restaurant. The restaurant’s menu includes numerous delicacies prepared according to old recipes, such as pheasant soup, wild game sausages, ham in bread dough, smoked gammon with sauerkraut, leg of duck with mlinci, pork ribs with bread dumplings and gravy, etc. The guests can pick and choose from the selection on the table, but the chef will keep the menu secret until the very end of the dinner when he will reveal what he had prepared. This means the guests will not know exactly what it is they are eating, which adds a dose of mystery to the whole experience.

You can reserve your place at a court banquet dinner at very affordable prices. The main course and dessert cost only a hundred kuna, while the meal with an appetizer included costs forty kuna more. Therefore, make sure to reserve your seat for this unusual gastronomic experience and indulge royally. 


Published: 31.03.2015