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EventfullyCroatia - A website for business people and event-goers

Register at EventfullyCroatia and publish photos from a business event you organized or attended, and join other active users who share their own experiences on the site.

If you wish to publish photographs from a conference or a business gathering you have organized, or share experiences from events you have attended, you can now do so via the EventfullyCroatia website. The site was launched late last year specifically for professional organizers in the meetings and conventions industry, as well as other fans of various events, and it will certainly be an incentive for you to visit Croatia. It was conceived as a small, specialized social network, which means that after registering you are ready to go and start publishing photographs for free. The textual content is minimal and is only in English. Apart from the user-generated segment, the website also has an editorial section featuring interesting blitz interviews with the experienced professionals “responsible” for every single event.

For the time being, the website has no commercial bent, but soon it will introduce advertising opportunities and in the long run will eventually turn to international audiences. The website can also be followed on its Facebook profile.

To share photos from events you organized or attended, register at


Published: 31.03.2015