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Dear friends and business partners!

A lot of interesting events and a fantastic atmosphere await in this vibrant city, where living in the squares and streets gains momentum as the days become sunnier and longer and where the outdoor way of life very quickly becomes your own.

Many of us find spring to be our favourite season of the year, not least because of the explosion of colours which gives a special flair to Zagreb's streets and parks. Flowers of all colours and the visibly growing number of strollers provide the city with the air of vibrancy. Street singers and outdoor events which revive Zagreb’s customs and traditions will certainly boost the jovial atmosphere.

However pleasing a trip down memory lane may be, the citizens and guests of Zagreb will certainly be none the less curious to “enter” the world of contemporary design and the modern way of life. It is a treasure trove of creativity which more than faithfully reflects the achievements of contemporary creative forces which have won numerous Croatian and international recognitions and which continue to move the borders of art, functionality and aesthetics. Each of these objects will be a memento of Zagreb, a souvenir which will remind you of the time spent in Zagreb and the wonderful experiences you had during your stay.

Yours sincerely,
Martina Bienenfeld, M.Sc.
Zagreb Tourist Board

Published: 31.03.2015