Untold Tales: There Is Always Another Step and Another Word

Every city has its untold tales, those that await you after another word, another step, another door left ajar. The tales of Zagreb from the blog entitled LoveZagreb are told by two tour guides who know all secrets from Zagreb’s past and present.

In addition to stories found in official guides or told during tours of the city, there are also those that are usually not told due to the lack of time or many topics to be covered.  Two successful and inspired tour guides, Iva Silla and Pugerica, have a string of untold tales for those who would like to know more or in more detail or for those interested in what starts where the “official” story finishes. Owing to these two bloggers who know Zagreb inside out, both citizens and visitors to the city, those who have been in the city before and those planning to see it for the first time can find out more about the life of the city and  its curiosities.

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Published: 11.02.2021