Anti-Museum: Opening of the Smallest Museum in the World Trokut

Zagreb has received the Smallest Museum in the World Trokut as a part of the Anti- Museum. Visitors now have many reasons to come to this exhibition space which was created based on the idea of conceptual artist Vladimir Dodig Trokut.

The Anti- Museum, founded in line with the ideas of artist Vladimir Dodig Trokut (1949 – 2018), was opened at the very end of October last year in Zagreb as a result of his friends’ efforts. What is displayed in the very centre of the city, at 19 Antun Bauer Street, is artwork whose value is disregarded, nor recognised or it does not fit the usual standards of understanding art. In this way friends paid tribute to conceptual artist Vladimir Dodig Trokut who cherished this idea much of his life. He was the owner of the collection consisting of 1500 items scattered in 35 locations in Croatia. The opening of this unconventional and unique Anti- Museum is the culmination of the dream of the visual artist, art collector, gallerist, founder of many museum projects and more who was famous in the country and the world, but was also frequently misunderstood. Trokut passed away two years ago.

A common feature of each of the individual exhibits but also of the Anti- Museum as a whole is encouraging new views and understanding. This is the task and the central idea behind the project entitled the Smallest Museum in the World Trokut which was presented to the audience this year on 18 May, which is the International Museum Day. The facility contains as many as seven museum collections in a space of 0.16 square metres. Around two hundred valuable exhibits are displayed in this interesting museum, which is unique in the world, and for a good reason.

Photo credit: Antimuzej

Published: 07.06.2021