Selfie Room: Capture Your Moment in Zagreb

Interesting photos or video clips always remind us of a time spent in a city. They are witnesses to an event or an event itself. This is why Zagreb got a Selfie Room.

Photos or video clips play a very important role in creating an experience at a destination. Even more so because they prolong the memory of interesting trips, people and places which are important to us. This experience has now been enhanced and received a completely new dimension owing to the Selfie Room which was recently opened at the Zagreb Fair. This is a place where you can choose a background with a series of original details, maybe stay in a business class of an amazing aeroplane, stand next to a famous red telephone booth in London, or in a luxurious garden, and take amazing photos which will become much more than a record of people and surroundings both due to the way they look and to the process of creating them. You can also choose monochromatic background as well as black and white photos or video clips which will be a permanent record and a dear memory of a time when you stayed in Zagreb with your family or friends. There are many options and creating a record of staying in a city is a memory in itself as well as unforgettable experience offered by Zagreb’s Selfie Room.

Photo credit: Selfie Room

Published: 07.06.2021