For Recreationists and Picnickers: My Sljeme App

As of recently, citizens and visitors of Zagreb have a reliable digital companion to take with them while hiking on mountain Medvednica and its summit Sljeme. It helps to get to know all secrets of this oasis of recreational sport whose slopes enter deep in the city.

The app Moje Sljeme is a digital guide around mountain Medvednica and its summit Sljeme which takes citizens and tourist along its trails and attractions towards the selected destination. With the help of the app, picnickers will be able to select a trail which meets their criteria of difficulty, duration or available content. The app is also a comprehensive guide for tourist attractions in this area, which is rich in natural and cultural sites and gastro destinations. It will also help them to find accommodation and provide many other services.

The app is equally useful for unexperienced mountain-goers and for those who are discovering new parts of Medvednica. This interesting and valuable companion is expected to encourage citizens of Zagreb to have an active lifestyle and follow hiking trails, around seventy of which are available on Medvednica and provide an additional incentive to lead a healthy lifestyle and visit attractive destinations of the Medvednica Nature Park.

The app Moje Sljeme, which combines the map of the trails, possible routes and navigation, is one of its kind in the region. Zagreb is one of the few capital cities which boasts such an excursion spot close by in addition to urban content.

The app can be downloaded at the following link:

Published: 07.06.2021