Exhibitions Toys - Childhood Forever: Are you Ready for a Nostalgic Journey?

Toys remind us all of childhood and cause nostalgia so eleven exhibitions of the project entitled Toys – Childhood Forever will help us to remember those days, but also to learn a lot about tradition and modern toy design. This will be an idyllic trip to the world of imagination, play and carefree days for both children and parents.

The project of the Ethnographic Museum entitled Toys – Childhood Forever consists of eleven exhibitions. The central exhibition, which was named after the project, will be available from 8 June this year to 22 May 2022. Its aim is to introduce traditional toys, especially those from Hrvatsko Zagorje which are listed as non-tangible heritage of the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Europe, to children in an educative manner, which is both appealing and age-appropriate. Children and adults will have a chance to see artistic and factory-produced toys made in Croatia from the 19th century to this day as well as toys made by renowned Croatian artists for famous sponsors and museums from abroad. The exhibition is accompanied by cartoons produced by Zagreb film company which is known for the Zagreb School of Animated Film. Visitors will also have a chance to participate in educational workshops and themed exhibitions organised by other Zagreb’s museums.

In addition to the central exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum, the integral part of the project are ten other exhibitions organised by seven museums in Zagreb, that is, the Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Croatian History Museum, the Croatian School Museum, the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum, the Croatian Sports Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The Union of Societies Our children, Zagreb craftspeople and children’s toys designers Jasmina Kosanović and Lea Vavra will be involved in the preparation of the exhibitions, and the Zagreb film company is a partner on the project. The central exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum will be available for a year and the exhibitions from other museums will be set in the small hall of the Ethnographic Museum and last a month each.

Published: 07.06.2021