The First in the World: Hisstory, the App Which Takes You around Zagreb as It Once Was

If you would like to get to know Zagreb as it once was, the new app takes you on an interesting and exciting trip providing a unique experience owing to new interactive technologies and 3D animation.

Hisstory is the name of an interactive XR app which allows visitors to use their smartphones and experience Zagreb as it once was. This time travelling experience to the history of Zagreb is possible owing to new interactive technologies and hyper-realistic 3D experience and AR animations and it is the first of its kind in the world.

It allows you to go on a tour around 14 famous city attractions on foot, alone or with a limited number of people, in line with the requirement of this particular period, getting to know the city in line with all the recommendations of social distancing and at the chosen time of day. You will be accompanied by Tom, a digital AR guide who takes you through a life-like animation of the historical Zagreb. The app uses all elements of currently available technological advancements in the field of extended reality (XR) and shows matching animations at a particular location, prompting you to get to know them in detail.

The app is available in Google Store and Play Store. The price of the tour is 8 kuna and the total time necessary to visit all locations is between 2 and 3 hours, depending on how quickly you walk. The app and animations/stories are available in Croatian and English language. While designing the tour, which is the work of the awarded studio VR POLE, 3D designers and artists made more than 300 models of buildings, people and historical elements. Screenwriters and actors of the awarded documentary series Croatian Greats were hired to film and write the stories, and the English narrator is the renowned British author Alex Beck.

Published: 04.11.2020