Croatia Presents Its Stop COVID-19 App

Croatia's health and IT sectors have developed the Croatian version of the Stop COVID-19 app which uses temporary and anonymous data to inform users about exposure to COVID-19.

The app is available for Android and Apple mobile phones and uses Bluetooth technology.

The success of the app is based on the conscientious and solidary participation of citizens, said Health Minister Vili Beros.

After the pandemic is over, it will no longer be possible to use the app, which is secure and uses temporary and anonymous data.

The app’s cross-border interoperability has also been ensured.

The app was designed under a government decision by the APIS IT agency for support to information systems and technologies.

Every user is informed anonymously that they have been in contact with an infected person sometime over the past 14 days. Users will be notified by text if the contact has been high, medium, or low risk based on precisely defined parameters.

The user will receive a text saying they have been in high-risk contact, to stay home and contact their family doctor. Texts about medium and low-risk contacts are created similarly.


Published: 28.07.2020