• City Tour with Ape Calessino

    Ferde Livadića 17a

    Use the opportunity to try out an authentic symbol of Made in Italy transportation...

  • Center for food culture - Experience of Croatian gastronomic story in the heart of Zagreb

    Nazorova 18

    If you want to discover the country you are visiting, try it’s food. Join us at the Center for food culture on a journey through the Croatian gastronomy!

  • Antropoti Vip Club Zagreb

    Bogdanovačka ulica 13

    City tour in luxury limousine

  • Planet Earth / Rickshaw Zagreb

    Experience Zagreb with all your senses with Rickshaw.

  • Zagreb Segway and Walking Tour

    Fall in love with Zagreb - the city with a million hearts!

  • City tour in a fiacre

    Gornji grad, Zagreb

  • Panoramic and walking tour

    Savska cesta 1

  • Mirogoj cemetery and sightseeing tour

    Savska cesta 1

  • Eno expert academy / Wines of Croatia workshops

    Vlaška 78

  • Old Zagreb Tour

    Radnička cesta 54

    Old Zagreb tour offers thematized tours of the City of Zagreb in an electric replica of Ford model T from 1908.

  • Spin City - car sharing


    Car sharing service.

  • Zagreb PEDICAB

    Trg bana Jelačića, Zagreb, Croatia

    Let us show you Zagreb from another perspective!

  • Cooking Croatia

    Ulica Vladimira Nazora 2

    Experience Zagreb with all the senses

  • Tanceraj

    Čerinina ulica 5

    Do you want to change the rythm of the sightseeing?

  • The Magic of Beer Brewing

    Ulica Kreše Golika 3a

    A Craft Adveb-Tour at Zmajska pivovara, guided by Master Brewers

  • City Tour on Electric Scooter

    Kožarska ulica 16

    Guided tours of Zagreb on e-scooters.

  • e zoom Zagreb

    Ulica Šime Ljubića 36

  • E-scooter Self Guided tour in Zagreb

    Gajeva ulica 1

    Exploring Zagreb city on the unique electric scooter self guided tour is a perfect way to see more things in the capital city by spending less time.

  • Art Bottega - Pineli & Vino

    Palmotićeva ulica 64a