The new cultural and artistic project addresses art in public spaces, using the buildings of the Museum of Arts and Crafts, the School of Applied Arts and Design, the Gradec Gallery and the Art Pavilion. Inspired by their history, content, but also the current situation, the artists design installations placed “beyond the boundaries”. Art exits galleries and museums, and their façades and surrounding areas gain a new temporary function becoming a unique open-air gallery.

The “Beyond the Boundaries” project also places particular focus on the current topic of the renewal of Zagreb, drawing attention to the cultural offer of the city which suffered significant damage caused by the earthquake of 22 March 2020.


Ida Blažičko – Hommage to Bollé 

The site-specific intervention on the façade of the historicist palace built between 1887 and 1891 in the spirit of the German Renaissance was dedicated to the architect Herman Bollé. After the devastating earthquake in 1880, he became known as the restorer and builder of the Croatian metropolis. 

The Hommage to Bollé installation is inspired by boundless biomorphic motifs that permeate the Museum of Arts and Crafts and the School of Crafts, today’s School of Applied Arts and Design. The interior fences of the gallery are woven from stylized organic details with shapes that clearly foreshadow Art Nouveau.


Maša Barišić & Jelena Malenica – New landscape

A metal sculpture “growing” for a month, slowly covering the steps at the entrance of the Art Pavilion, temporarily closed after the earthquake. The reminder of a natural disaster becomes a garden covered with plants; metal ivy, a symbol of life and art that still lives and blooms, even in impossible conditions. Just like a self-seeding plant.

Maša Barišić – Temporarily closed

The earthquake caused temporary closing of the buildings functioning as museums or art galleries. Having lost the ability to work, these buildings are left without their function, standing as a reminder of the wounded city, in anticipation of a “revival”. Although the Art Pavilion is currently unable to invite visitors for the exhibition tours, through the artist’s intervention it becomes an artwork itself, inviting citizens to observe from the outside. The light emerges through the windows and pulsates in the rhythm of the heartbeat unique to living beings, emphasizing the poetic idea that buildings have their own identity and soul. 


Boris Bare & Ivo Gašparić – Outside 

Large, framed paintings with motifs inspired by the content of the Klovićevi dvori Gallery are “coming out” of the gallery space and are placed on the neglected facade of the Gradec Gallery, turning it into an exhibiting wall for artwork. Oversized sculptures represent the audience which is an integral part of the exhibition, while accidental or intentional passers-by become part of the artwork on the spot.