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Klovićevi Dvori Gallery
Naslovnica  | Klovićevi Dvori Gallery
Jezuitski trg 4
+385 1 48 51 926
+385 1 48 52 116
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Together with Mimara Museum, Gradec and the Lotršćak Tower, Klovićevi Dvori works as part of the Museum Gallery Centre, as exhibition premises of a prestige nature. Exhibitions of domestic and foreign artists alternate in the Gallery. They are of the broadest cultural and national importance and range of programmes and audience. Accompanying exhibitions and events are also organized, special cycles of exhibitions and other cultural events: lectures, professional debates, symposia, projections, workshops and auctions. Lotršćak Tower has the sales centre of the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery, with a fine range of original works of art and top souvenir reproductions and casts, as well as hand made original jewellery and specially minted gold and silver pieces and medals. Here it is possible to acquire the many printed editions of the Gallery: the catalogues, posters, guides, postcards and so on. Also here is the Vidikovac, the highest point of the Upper Town, whence there is a view of the Lower Town and the surrounding areas.
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