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Typhlology Museum
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Draškovićeva 80/II
+385 1 48-11-102
+385 1 48-35-218
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 10am-5pm; Thur 10am-8pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 10am-4pm; Thur 10am-8pm - (01.07-31.08.)

The Typhlological Museum opened in 1953 in Zagreb and is one of the rare special museums in Europe engaged in dealing with the issue of people with disabilities, especially those with visual impairment.

The Museum holds objects connected to education, rehabilitation, everyday life and artistic expression by blind and partially sighted persons which are divided into five collections: Collection of Objects, Collection of Photographs, Ophthalmological Collection, Collection of Archival Material and Art Collection. The Museum also houses a specialized library. With its activities the Museum endeavours to introduce the social community with the world of those with impaired vision and in this way encourage harmonious and tolerant relations between people, respecting the individuality of every person.

The Museum is also open to people with disabilities who can actively participate in its activities. The Museum organizes various thematic workshops, presentations and exhibitions from the Tactile Gallery series which exhibit the work of academic sculptors and self-taught blind authors.

The new permanent exhibition with interactive content and five thematic units opened in January 2008: Dark Room, Origins of Institutional Care for the Blind, Everyday Life in the National Institute for Education of Blind Children, Development of Script for Blind People, Keeping Up with Time and Art Works by Blind Authors.
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