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Jarun Sports and Recreation Centre
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Aleja Matije Ljubeka bb
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In the southwest part of Zagreb, not far from Sava dike, there is a spacious recreational and sports centre Jarun - an oasis of peace and nature surrounded by crowds and noise. The former channel of the Sava River was arranged for the University Games in 1987, when the lake and the whole complex was given its present appearance. On two Jarun lakes, Big and Small there are five islands connected with bridges and around them are 2500 meters of pebble beaches. The lakes are filled with clear underground water, and the beaches have sanitary facilities and showers. There are also rescue teams, guards and medical service onsite. Jarun's speical value is the untouched nature of the Island of wildness. There is preserved natural swamp and pond habitat, rich with land and water plants, with hundred bird species and a multitude of various fish, water animals and insects. Jarun has total surface of 235 ha and is attractive to all generations. It provides facilities for walking, bicycling, various outdoor sports, trim-track of 6500 meters of length, roller.skating, etc. Sports facilities are related to impressive 2250 metres long regatta path where international and world rowing, canoe and kayak contests are held. With daily trainings and performances they give Jarun a special, sporting atmosphere.
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