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Get to know the secrets of Gric

For the third consecutive year now, Katapult Promotion ltd. has teamed up with the Zagreb Tourist Board to organize the theatre night tour “Secrets of Gric”. The actors will perform in Croatian every Friday and in English on Saturdays until the end of September.

The theatre night tour, “Secrets of Gric”, has once again begun. It is a scripted and costumed theatre play which will take place for the third consecutive year every Friday and Saturday night at historic locations in the Upper Town, which has its cultural as well as mysterious side. The first show this year will take place on May 4th, beginning at 9 p.m., while throughout July and August the show will begin at 10 p.m. This year the actors will perform in Croatian on Fridays and in English on Saturdays until the end of September.

The organizer of this interesting cultural event is Katapult Promotion ltd. in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board. As its name suggests, the tour consists of an evening walk across the squares and streets of Zagreb’s Upper Town, and it is based on historic facts. More precisely, on the romanticized history from the famous novel, “The Witch of Gric”, by the great writer and first Croatian female journalist, Marija Juric-Zagorka, as well as other famous city legends. The tour begins at the statue of Andrija Kacic Miošic on Mesnicka Street in the downtown area. From there, participants head towards the Kapucin Stairs, where they are personally greeted by Marija Juric-Zagorka who takes them on a night adventure led by the lantern she carries.

On the way they will encounter numerous costumed characters, who will act out various events that can be found in school books and novels, intertwined into a seductive and mysterious story of the Upper Town. Among other things, visitors will have the opportunity to call out to the ghost of the noblewoman Manduša by the Lotršcak Tower, meet Nera and Siniša from Zagorka’s novels, as well as Petrica Kerempuh and his acting troupe, who will perform a play that tells the tale of Matija Gubec and the Peasants’ Revolt. They will also meet a lantern lighter and a night watchman, and might be frightened by a witch, among many other interesting things. After a sixty minute evening walk across the Jesuit Square, through the Stone Gate, and via Marko’s Square, the tour ends at the Cinkuš café bar, where song, refreshments and snacks await.

Tickets for this unique night tour can be purchased online at, and at all sales offices of Kompas, Airtours, and Integral Zagreb agencies. They can also be reserved by phone at 091 461 5678.

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